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Dervish Pasha Mansion
The Dervish Pasha Mansion and Museum is located in Belig Pasha Street in Nicosia's Arabahmet district. The 19th century edifice has two entrances one of which displays the date 1807. Its first owner, Dervish Pasha, was the editor of Zaman, the first Turkish newspaper in Cyprus.

The Mansion is a fine example of Ottoman architecture: The whitewashed walls, plain yellow-stoned arches, the terracotta roof and blue woodworks are all typical. It is a two floor building, the first floor being made of stone and the second of mud brick. The L-shaped mansion has a spacious inner yard with a well, a washroom, an outdoor oven and a bathhouse. The doors of the ground floor rooms open to galleries surrounding the inner garden. At the entrance there is a room that was traditionally used to entertain male visitors. It now hosts a small café.

Another ground floor room is arranged like a kitchen, displaying Turkish metal ware and plain glazed ceramics. The ground floor was formerly devoted to the administration of the household, while the private apartments were on the upper first floor. These are accessable via a staircase from the courtyard leading onto a veranda. The main room which extends over the street is of different style than the others - with a painted ceiling and only minimal furniture. The open downstairs hall displays Cypriot agricultural tools, as well as some tables and chairs inviting you to relax ... maybe with a cup of Turkish coffee from the cafè.